Welcome to Stonehammer Geopark! You can experience a billion years

of our earth’s history ...and have fun every step of the way in

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada!

With a landscape created by the collision of continents, the closing and opening of oceans, volcanoes, earth quakes, ice ages and climate change, Stonehammer Geopark includes geological stories from late precambrian time a billion years ago to the most recent Ice Age, and almost everything in between.  A playground has been created in Southern New Brunswick!  As North America's first Global Geopark, Stonehammer Geopark is about geology, but it is also about people, society and culture.
Our lives are shaped by geology: where we settle, the landscape, the crops we grow, natural hazards, water resources, climate, what we mine, and the energy we use are all linked to geology.

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