Stonehammer Member & Brand Management Criteria

Site Owner
  • Responsible for owning and maintaining a Stonehammer geosite.
  • May operate Stonehammer programmes, once vetted and approved, at no charge to participants.
  • Programmes must meet Stonehammer quality expectations for content and visitor experience; programmes will be mystery shopped at least once per year.
  • May have Stonehammer exhibit at their site. Primary content would be the story of the geosite, with approx 15-20% on “what is Stonehammer” and 15-20% on other sites within Stonehammer. Costs of the exhibit would be funded by the site owner.
  • Will be offered general and site specific training and assistance with programme development.
  • Will be given recognition in Stonehammer marketing and promotional material.
  • May use Stonehammer and UNESCO logos on approved programme information and geosite material.
  • Will have use of Stonehammer door decal.
  • Are expected not to be in competition with Direct Operators at their geosite.
  • Must provide attendance numbers for Stonehammer programming to Stonehammer Board or designate on an annual basis.
For more information on becoming a Stonehammer member, please contact Frances Heydeman via our contact form.
Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark