Stonehammer’s education goal is to educate our students, community and visitors about the Earth in a fun and engaging manner.

With education being such an important part of the geopark’s work we break it into three categories:

School Programming

All activities and field trips developed are engineered to address curriculum outcomes found on the Government of New Brunswick’s Education and Early Childhood Development website with focus on grades 4, 7 and High School. Programs are offered to any educators who request programming; however, program development and outreach is solely focused on these grade levels.

With educators changing grade levels more frequently from year to year teacher workshops will be open to all educators with content geared towards grades 4, 7 and High School.

Classroom Activities for each grade level have been developed, implemented and adjusted based on student, teacher and volunteer feedback.

Field Trips are available upon request for any grade level and utilize geosites when possible or areas near schools if transportation is not available.

Teacher workshops are provided on an annual basis either directly by Stonehammer and/or in conjunction with District Professional Development Programming.

Community Programming

Stonehammer attends events in our communities as well as providing presentations to service groups, corporations, events and conferences.

To book educational programming of any kind please contact Wanda Hughes by filling out the form on our Teacher Resources page.


Stonehammer is thrilled to be working with a team of researchers from the University of New Brunswick, Saint John to determine socioeconomic indicators for not only Stonehammer but all geoparks.

The New Brunswick Museum conducts ongoing research and Stonehammer is fortunate to have them as a founding member of the geopark.

Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark