Stonehammer’s preservation and conservation goal is to ensure our students, community and visitors are aware of the legislation in New Brunswick protecting geological heritage, fossils and they understand impact of actions on the Earth.

The majority of the goals for Preservation & Conservation are achieved under the Education portfolio; however, ensuring New Brunswick’s legislation is well known and understood is a responsibility of our geopark.

Fossils and fossil sites are protected in New Brunswick under the Heritage Conservation Act. Fossils are considered heritage objects and permits are required to collect fossils. Geological outcrops often form spectacular landscapes. It is no surprise that many of Stonehammer’s best examples of geology are located in Provincial, Municipal and private parks. Park authorities govern the protection and conservation of geological features in their parks. In general collecting specimens or altering outcrops in not allowed in any of the Stonehammer geosites.

If you find a fossil, note its location, photograph it and send the information to the New Brunswick Museum.

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