There are 60 geosites identified by the Stonehammer team, meaning areas with interesting rock formations that are accessible to visit, and countless more in all the corners of the park. Find a geosite or a few sites near you that you can spend time in and choose some of the following suggestions or create your own ideas on how to experience the site(s).

Suggestions To Get You Started…

Safety First

  • Remember not to go into bat caves due to the spread of fungal infection.
  • Be aware of hunting seasons.
  • Rock outcroppings can be very steep and slippery when wet.
  • Always experience the outdoors with a friend or with group, never travel in areas you are not familiar with on your own.
  • Carry necessary medications for allergies.
  • Carry sunscreen, insect replant and water.
  • Dress for the weather, proper footwear, dress in layers, wear comfortable non-slip footwear.
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