Write Away

Write a story, poem, play, or blog about a Stonehammer topic of your choice.

Some suggestions to get you started:

  • What was it like when your area of the Stonehammer Geopark was at the equator?
  • Describe the typical day in the life of a lizard 300 million years ago.
  • What was it like 100 years ago when 11 year old Will Matthew discovered the first giant trilobite fossil?
  • Write about a family enjoying the Geopark today.
  • Does one of the rocky landscapes in the Geopark inspire you? Visit the Fundy Trail or one of the other geosites and write about what you see.
  • What fossils will be left behind from our era? Write about them being discovered in 50,000 years.
  • Design a walking tour brochure using one of the three historic walking tours of Saint John as a model. Use two square city blocks around King Street East, Leinster, Orange, Princess or Sydney Street that could be used by visitors to learn about the history and culture of Saint John, including homes, industry, entertainment, religion and architecture.
  • Write a song about the history of your school.
  • Write of the history of your school with an emphasis on building materials.
  • Create a walking tour of the Loyalist burial ground with a focus on Milligan, a stonecutter, on Dr. Boyd, and his connection to the Kent Marine Hospital (now the Turnbull Nursing Home) and the building materials of the Beaver Fountain and the wrought iron gates in the burial ground.
  • Create a Biography showing the house you live in, history of the house, business nearby, .i.e. Osgood, a marble manufacturer who lived on King Street East.
  • You're hired! A cruise ship is coming to Saint John and a family of 4 with $200, an adult couple with no money, and a group of 20 with $1000 are looking for a day experiencing Stonehammer! Plan a one day outing for one or more of these groups. See our Feature Experiences for some great ideas of what to do, but anything in the Geopark boundaries counts.
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